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February 23, 2016
Dear Republicans:
This one's on you.  I heard an editorial or rant the other day on right-wing radio about how the Trump fiasco is somehow President Obama's fault.  The basic premise of the delusion was that all of the President's "flaunting of the constitution" and "hate speech" (apparently discussing race in America is considered by some as hate speech), not to mention his occasionally discussing that there might be too many guns in the hands of maniacs were what gave rise to the ignorant masses who are now "trumpeting" their new hero, the Donald.  Now, that takes chutzpah.  The President can take credit for a lot of things, including restoring America's image at home and abroad, saving the economy and the American automobile industry, cutting unemployment in half, ending the war in Iraq and keeping us out of any new ground wars, killing Osama Bin Laden and dismantling Al Qaeda, providing affordable health insurance to millions, etc....but this is one thing that he had nothing to do with.  This, my right-wing friends, is your doing.  Every time you put forth the idea that government was the enemy, that it could do nothing right and that all we needed was to stop Washington from interfering in people's lives and the free market would magically restore our greatness, you helped create this monster.  Everytime you winked and nudged at a racist anti-Obama statement or cheered on those who said he was un-American...every time you suggested that any nuanced or intellectual approach to a problem was weak, or elitist, you gave support to those who are cheering on this blow-hard bully who "loves the poorly educated".  Every time you let someone blame our problems on immigrants or muslims, you were paving the way for this ignorant dangerous man.  Take a bow and say goodbye to the grand old party. btw, it hasn't really been very grand since Ike.

December 31, 2015
Happy New Year! I have good news: your feelings don't matter! I am constantly hearing people complain about how bad things are getting these days.  From Donald Trump to ISIS to Tamir Rice to The Tea Party Gazette, if you read the news, there are plenty of reasons to think that America, and indeed, the world, has lost its freakin' mind and to feel that things could not possibly get any worse.  It is easy to see why so many people think the end is nigh.  Its not a new phenomena.  Nearly all religions warn of the pending end of the world...many Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike are sure that we are in the "end times".  In fact, some of the more insane amongst them are actively trying to bring the end of the world to fruition. The truth is, the world isn't ending.  We are.  It is our own mortality that is always approaching the end..and the longer we are here, the more true that is. I am reminded of George Carlin's joke about the world ending...something to the effect of, the world is fine.  It just needs to brush off this parasite called Humanity and it'll be fine.  But even that is a bit fatalistic, I know it doesn't feel like it, but things are actually getting better for most people.  Evolution has provided us with big brains and empathy and despite our reluctance to use them, humans are getting better at making decisions that benefit our survival.  Women and children and poor people have more opportunity and freedom than they ever have.  And while there's certainly a lot of ignorance and suffering left and we should all do our part to alleviate it wherever we find it, there are billions of people living relatively healthy lives free from oppression and hunger around the globe.  If you read history, you'll see that there's never been a more brutal world government than the one the Romans spread at the end of a sword  I'm sure anyone living through World War I and II certainly felt like things could not get any worse.  I grew up thinking it was just a matter of time before we had a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, so I'm just not all that afraid of a few terrorists sneaking into the country with suicide vests and infiltrating the New Year's Eve celebrations tonight in Nashville.  Not that it couldn't happen nor that I wouldn't be just as dead if they did, but I'm just trying to say that our lives are better now than they were in the "good old days" despite our nostalgic urges.  You can feel anyway you want, but don't confuse your feelings with facts.  If you think Donald Trump is bad, you should have seen George Wallace.  

December 21, 2015
(Alert to Right-Wingers, Dittoheads, Drudgereport fans: Google "satire" before reading.)
As we enter the new year, it is a good time to admit what a complete failure the Obama administration has been.  Seven years after President Obama's ascension to the throne and we on the extreme Left have nearly nothing to show for it.  His insistence on propping up Wall Street and saving the financial support structures on which all U.S. industry depend have almost eliminated the public's clamoring for redistributing the wealth of the 1%.  Several years into the introduction of Obamacare and I have yet to see even one FEMA camp set up to house the old and infirmed.  My 91 year old mother is still alive and clinging to her Bible!  Years after the President set his sights on dismantling the 2nd amendment, guns are still in the hands of all the well regulated militias in Walmarts and flea markets across the country.  Despite his support for Muslim world domination, he allowed the U.S. military to kill Osama Bin Laden and has launched so many drone attacks around the world that he has almost eliminated the threat posed by Al Qaeda, without even putting U.S. ground troops in harms way!  And now, he won't even commit ground troops to an endless conflict in the Middle East that could drag on for decades costing the U.S. billions of dollars and countless casualties, not to mention swell the ranks of Islamic Jihadists everywhere.  I'm beginning to doubt he was even born in Kenya!
Happy Holiday's y'all.

December 10, 2015
Okay, as you know if you follow the Anti Drudge Report, my favorite targets are the fanatical right wingers who oppose progressive ideas at every turn and favor knee-jerk military responses to every international threat that faces America.  Today, I turn my attention to my liberal brethren who hold Eric Snowden up as a hero and oppose any kind of government tracking or surveillance of electronic communication in the name of personal liberty.  As in all things, the middle way (can I get a shout out from my Buddhist friends?) is probably the more prudent course.  If it turns out that the assholes in San Bernardino were emailing or chatting on J Date.com (the J stands for Jihad in this satirical metaphor) each other about destroying Infidels for 3 years before they killed those innocent people and our government didn't have the ability to at least possibly detecting it and investigating, I don't think our government is doing its job.  Any electronic communication that includes words such as, but not limited to, Jihad, infidel, explosives, AK47, fertilizer bomb, small pox, ricin, anthraz, etc. should be filtered by a super computer programmed with certain coding that allows those charged with keeping us safe to stop terrorists attacks before they happen.   Speaking of which, is anyone else as concerned as I am that the police/FBI, etc. didn't secure the apartment those assholes lived in before the landlord allowed the media to drag cameras into it and photograph it?  Every item in that apartment should be fingerprinted and each print run through every security checklist that exists to see who else might have been involved.  I'm not singling out the police and/or FBI for ineptitude, its a people are not very good at their job anymore thing, but there is a reason the phrase, "good enough for government work" exists.

December 5, 2015
How low can you go? That should be Trump's Campaign Slogan.  This week he advocated going after the families of ISIS members.  That is a thinly veiled threat to kill people who happen to be related to Islamic Jihadists.  What is it called when you kill people who are guilty of no crime?  Oh yeah, murder.  I'm not one quick to compare people to Hitler as I think he deserves a special place in Hell (if there were such a place) and certainly was unique in his monstrous inhumanity. However, when a major U.S. political figure espouses killing people who haven't committed any crime or even been accused of one, I have to call it like I see it.  Trump is a Fascist danger to our country and those who support him are being reckless and irresponsible.  

December 4, 2015
I could be wrong.  That is what I want written on my tombstone.  Contrary to popular notion, forget love, doubt is the one thing there is too little of.  After 2 apparent mass shootings (the planned parenthood shooting and the california shooting by the Muslim couple) that appear to be the result, at least to some degree, of people's personal belief system leading them to choose to kill other human beings, can I ask that each of you look at your own belief system and just for a minute consider that you might be wrong..and then look at how you treat other humans (and all living things).  Would you still not talk to that wayward family member? Would you still not be friends with that right-wing co-worker? Would you still stand up and ridicule others in righteous indignation?  If not, then maybe you should shut up, Donnie. (Big Lebowski reference) and for god's sake put down that gun.

November 29, 2015
Cat got your tongue?  Why the silence by all the Republican Candidates for President on the latest gun related tragedy at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado? You seem to have an opinion on everything else.  So why haven't any of you even so much as tweeted about the killer in Colorado?  Even The Donald has yet to make an idiotic statement somehow blaming Mexicans or Muslims for it.  Maybe its because even you realize that eventually Americans will realize that your unwavering opposition to gun control laws and demonizing of Planned Parenthood is dangerously irresponsible?  I think you should come out and take a bow.  Tell Americans again how the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  You might want to wait a few days until we have buried the latest good guy with a gun murdered by a hate-filled maniac with a gun.

November 25, 2015
A good friend of mine replied to my re-posting of the story about Muslim American soldiers sending copies of their military IDs to Trump and saying, here's my id that you wanted to keep track of..where's yours?  My friend said (and I paraphrase) hey I bet that Muslim soldier who killed those people at Fort Hood had one of those, too...what's the point? To which I responded, "that Trump is an ignorant crazy fuck who never served his country while many Muslim Americans have."  But I also could have pointed out that I bet Timothy McVeigh also had a military ID card...my point this morning is: there will always be crazy violent motherfuckers...we needn't look to their religion/race/country of origin to assess blame.  Let's all join together in a movement of Anti-Crazy Violent Motherfuckery.  And start by looking for it in ourselves and trying to eradicate it.

November 23, 2015
Please tell me that even the most ignorant of Trump supporters are ashamed and embarrassed for supporting him after he said today on FoxNews that the Black Lives Matter protester who was basically assaulted and dragged out of his rally in Birmingham "maybe he should have been roughed up". Please. It was in Birmingham, people. Irony much? If he doesn't catch holy hell (ie. drop in the polls) after spouting such un-American vile, then I seriously beginning to doubt our future as Americans. Have we stooped so low, that a Presidential candidate can espouse Fascists sentiments like that and not be run out on a rail?

November 20, 2015
Okay, 2 things: First, I know I keep threatening (or to my right-wing trolls: promising) to give up the ghost and shut down the AntiDrudgeReport for lack of funding/time/support, to quote the late great Heath Ledger, I just can't quit you.  I have renewed my hosting agreement and will continue to publish the ADR for at least one more year.  I am nothing if not persistent.
Secondly, as you probably have noticed, I am very opinionated about just everything and anything and almost always side with the "liberal" point of view (because I read and value the truth). However, the debate between those who attack Bill Maher over the issue of whether or not the religion of Islam is more violent/backward than other religions is one in which I truly can't say I know who is most correct.  I totally understand that to attack all Muslims for the actions of a few is ignorant and wrong, but I also have to say that when polls show how many non-Jihadists support some of the draconian punishments and beliefs of Islam (http://www.pewforum.org/2013/04/30/the-worlds-muslims-religion-politics-society-overview/) , I am startled and I think its cowardly to pretend like it is no different than any other religion.  As I have often said, I have no problem with people being religious, as long as they don't believe the bullshit in their holy books to be literally true.  Noah didn't put 2 kinds of every insect on a boat. The world is not headed towards a cataclysmic battle in the middle east between good and evil ending in a mass murder of all non-believers.  The messiah is not coming. If there is a god, she is beyond our comprehension and she stopped intervening in human history sometime before the big bang.  As Bill Maher said (and I paraphrase) there isn't a god who allowed the Holocaust to occur but is helping you pass your driver's license test.  I respect and admire both Reza Aslan and Sam Harris but can't really say who is most correct....probably Sam Harris, but I understand that you alienate a lot of people (and thus lose your ability to persuade them) by condemning their religion as being backward, but it is, if only marginally more so than others.   I think when Reza Aslan is debating the idiots on Fox, he is more correct, when he debates Sam Harris, Sam is.  I guess its true what they say, everything is relative.

November 17, 2015
I'm changing my profile pic back to the French Flag thing because, fuck you, don't tell me how to express my feelings..and stop trying to show me how superior you are to the masses on Facebook by posting ON FACEBOOK how shallow and culturally biased we are compared to you. Duh, most Americans care more about France than Lebanon...or at least are more personally affected emotionally by a tragedy in Paris than in Beirut. Guess what, I bet Lebanese people are more personally affected by a tragedy in Egypt than they are about one in Mississippi. No one thought they were fighting terrorism by posting the French flag over their profile pic...and I hope you don't think you are enlightening anyone by being cynical and smug. I know I'm guilty of the very thing I'm criticizing in this post, but jesus, why is everybody gotta question everybody's else's motivation and never doubting their own? At least I recognize that I"m a self-absorbed blow-hard, now, who's next? Viva le France!

Sept. 8, 2015
So I was wrong about Trump not signing the loyalty pledge.  I forgot to figure in the financial angle into his decision making i.e. I forgot about his true love, Money.  It is the root of all Trump.  I also predicted that Tom Brady would be held accountable for his cheating.  Its good to be a rich white man in America, isn't it?  I did however also predict that County Clerk in Kentucky would end up in jail if she didn't start doing her job and that the President would get the votes to pass the Iran deal.  Just for the record, a .500 batting average would get you into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Timeline: Thursday Sept. 3, 2015 7:08 AM Central
My prediction about the much anticipated Trump press conference this afternoon is that he will announce that he won't sign the loyalty pledge promising not to run as a 3rd party candidate but he fully expects to support the Republican candidate, even if it is not him.  My prediction is based on what I think Trump thinks will get him the most publicity.  He's not a serious candidate for President.  He is a reality TV star.  He will try to play both the crazy racist Tea Partiers AND the big business elite who actually control the GOP (ie. >"Mexico sends its rapists and criminals across the border but of course, I'm sure some Mexicans are very good people") but the primary drive for his candidacy is to feed his inflated self-absorbed ego based on no actual accomplishments of his own but rather his good luck in being born a white man in America.  That's why so many Americans identify with him.  I could be wrong (like I was to believe Colin Powell when he convinced me that we needed to invade Iraq based on the last Republican President's lies) but I doubt it.

The "Black Lives Matter" debate is one of the stupidest thing I've seen in a while.  Saying black lives matter doesn't mean that they are the only lives that matter or that white lives don't matter.  Does saying you like chocolate ice cream mean you hate vanilla ice cream (excuse the unfortunate choice of flavors in my tortured metaphor)?  The Black Lives Matter movement grew out of people's frustrations at the justice systems' failure to hold people accountable when the victim is a black person unless someone happens to be nearby and has an iPhone to record it (the officer shooting the man in the back as he flees comes to mind).  Trayvon would be 20 years old now had he not crossed paths with Zimmerman that night when he went to get those skittles.

Jay Pounders
The Anti Drudge Report
July 2015

  I would like to thank the obnoxious right wing troll who has recently been posting non-stop crap on the ADR Facebook page for reminding me of all the ignorant hateful fucks out there that are still trying to deny economic justice and human rights to working people around the world and how important it is for each of us to fight the good fight. Every day.
Thanks asshole~!

If you live in the Los Angeles area or will be visiting in March, come and meet your Editor-in-Chief (me!) at my next musical performance at Genghis Cohen (www.genghiscohen.com) on March 7, 2015 at 10:00 PM.   

Recent Reply to Right-Winger who accused progressives of not having a sense of humor: just so you know, I take all that right wing crap with a grain or salt..and a chuckle, you just have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying...but those of us who don't think the President is a Muslim terrorist socialist hell bent on destroying country are sick and tired of all the personal attacks and lies (see above) lobbed at the President on a non-stop daily basis..and frankly, most of us are painfully aware that THIS President is subjected to a higher level of scorn and disrespect that seems to be unique to him as a person..and there's really only one thing about him that seems to explain why. Especially since his record on the economy and killing terrorists (remember Osama Bin Laden anyone?), and on all kinds of other issues (notice how Obamacare did not in fact end civilization as we know it and I"ve not seen one deathsquad put any old people down yet),..you would think that at some point the vitriol on the right would have been placated..but instead, it has only increased. There. You are right, I had the last word. Namaste.

I originally created the Anti Drudge Report as a place where people could go to get the latest political news without being subjected to the right wing bias and race-baiting bullshit on some other popular websites.  My plan was to keep it going though at least the re-election of President Obama and then I would make a cost-benefit analysis on whether I should keep it going or not.  I finance it out of my own rather limited funds and spend about an hour each day updating it.  I love doing it but really think it needs to be advertised and financed better to really be an effective tool in the fight for progressive ideas.  It needs to be updated more often and publicized to reach a larger audience and I don't really have the resources or time to do either.  If anyone knows someone that would like to invest in the ADR, let me know as without some kind of support structure at some point I'll have to sell the domain and/or let it go and I think its a good idea that needs to continue even if I can't do it myself.

September 4, 2013
The story I posted this morning about Matt Drudge questioning the Republican Party's recent trend of actually supporting some of the President's positions make it clear that the only policy that "right-wingers" share by and large is a disdain for the President personally. You know if this were President Romney suggesting a cruise missile attack against a country that had used chemical weapons against its own people the right-wing blogosphere would be all for it but for some reason, (and I just can't put my finger on it >sarcasm), they can't bring themselves to support ANY position this President puts forth.  In fact, they most often won't state their opinion on an issue until they have seen what it is the President wants to do, in order that they know which position to oppose.  Hmmm...what is it about this particular President that makes him so vilified by the right?  It just makes me wonder. (not) <FACEPALM>

Legal Disclaimer: (Dittoheads and FoxNews viewers pay particular attention, we'll type slowly) The AntiDrudgeReport is not affiliated with, nor should it be confused with, any other website with a similar name, including the site maintained by Matt Drudge. The AntiDrudgeReport is an alternative news source that serves to counter the bias and right-wing slant of most aggregate news sites.

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