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I originally created the Anti Drudge Report as a place where people could go to get the latest political news without being subjected to the right wing bias and race-baiting bullshit on some other popular websites.  My plan was to keep it going though at least the re-election of President Obama and then I would make a cost-benefit analysis on whether I should keep it going or not.  I finance it out of my own rather limited funds and spend about an hour each day updating it.  I love doing it but really think it needs to be advertised and financed better to really be an effective tool in the fight for progressive ideas.  It needs to be updated more often and publicized to reach a larger audience and I don't really have the resources or time to do either.  If anyone knows someone that would like to invest in the ADR, let me know as without some kind of support structure at some point I'll have to sell the domain and/or let it go and I think its a good idea that needs to continue even if I can't do it myself.

September 4, 2013
The story I posted this morning about Matt Drudge questioning the Republican Party's recent trend of actually supporting some of the President's positions make it clear that the only policy that "right-wingers" share by and large is a disdain for the President personally. You know if this were President Romney suggesting a cruise missile attack against a country that had used chemical weapons against its own people the right-wing blogosphere would be all for it but for some reason, (and I just can't put my finger on it >sarcasm), they can't bring themselves to support ANY position this President puts forth.  In fact, they most often won't state their opinion on an issue until they have seen what it is the President wants to do, in order that they know which position to oppose.  Hmmm...what is it about this particular President that makes him so vilified by the right?  It just makes me wonder. (not) <FACEPALM>

July 18, 2013
I have been accused of unfairly singling out people from the South and Tea Partier types in my criticism of the obvious bias that has resulted in yet another miscarriage of justice in the South.  Firstly, the South's record speaks for itself but also, they say you should write about what you know and I grew up in Memphis and Northern Mississippi and still visit my family there every year or so.  Having grown up poor in a series of crappy apartments and trailer parks (I like to joke that my mother and I moved when rent came due) I constantly heard from adults around me that the reason we were poor was that the government was "giving everything to the blacks."  Until the age of about 10 or so, I was a racist little fucker.  I got in a lot of fights as a kid (always been a smart ass) when I got beat up by a black kid it was so easy to immediately go to a place in my head that allowed me to put all my frustrations and disappointment in life into a neat hate-filled package directed at blacks.  And I had the same stupid defense-mechanisms that so many right-wingers espouse today (the media hypes racial injustice, Southerners are unfairly singled out, whites are as affected by racism as blacks, etc.)  

Around 1972, I was fortunate enough to move in with my sister and her yankee sailor husband who was the first person to ever explain to me how and why racism was such a destructive evil force.  I began to read about history and my eyes were opened to the plight of minorities and the poor.  I am unsure how much of me becoming who I am today was inevitable or how much my long talks about politics with my brother-in-law were responsible but I've been "fighting the good fight" ever since.
   My point is, I think most everyone has a little racism in them. It is somewhat natural to want to be around people more like ourselves and we tend to feel uncomfortable around people who don't look, sound and act like us.  Racism, like greed, selfishness, vanity, etc. are, if not natural, is at least common in most people.  The difference is, some people recognize these traits as character flaws and try to change and others embrace them and look for reasons that its okay to be racist, hateful, selfish, greedy, vane, etc.   I'm not one of those "liberals" that says because minorities aren't in a position of power, they can't be racist.  Anytime anyone judges someone because of their skin color or ethnicity, it is racist and wrong.  Racism is not limited to the South and minorities get the short end of the stick in California and New York just like they do in Mississippi or Florida.  It isn't as open and obvious (not as many Confederate Flags flying) but it is there in nearly every aspect of society.   This country was built on about 400 years of slavery and the karmic price for that might be that we will never fully get past it, but I do know that if we don't recognize it and continuing to make an effort we'll never put it behind us.  Justice for Trayvon!

July 14, 2013
The verdict in the Zimmerman trial only proves how far we have to go to fundamentally transform America.  The damage done to our collective karma from over 400 years of slavery may be too great for us to ever overcome but I will keep trying to shine a light on the unfairness that still exists in America.  The link to the last story on the ADR "Drudge Report Scary Blacks Stories Applauded by Hate Group" is the reason I created the page to begin with and the killing of an unarmed innocent teenager and the system's inability to hold the killer responsible proves that we have a long way to go to make America truly the home of the free.

The  Anti Drudge Report is sometimes criticized for not being extreme enough in its "liberalness".  Many of my like-minded colleagues think that I should ban all the right-wingers who post on the ADR Facebook page as many of the much more popular progressive FB pages do.  While I, too, get tired of constantly having to defend my patriotism and occasionally have to delete obvious mis-statements of fact posted by right-wingers I think the free and open exchange of ideas is what our political system is all about.  If your ideas aren't strong enough to withstand debate and criticism then they must not be very good. When I worked as a volunteer for the President during his first campaign and a group of us went from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to help turn Nevada Blue, one of the things they told us was that when we were representing the President to not get drawn into heated political conversations but rather try to appeal to people's common sense and look for areas where they might agree with us.   With the current political make-up of our country being about 52%-48% one way or the other in most recent elections, the only way we are going to continue to move America towards being a more fair and just place for all people is by changing the hearts and minds of those who don't agree with us.  We aren't going to do that by calling them names and treating conservatives to the same kind of vitriol that right-wingers aim at us.  While the damage done to our country done by the Tea Party and the FoxNews camp can't be ignored, I don't think ALL conservatives are evil or complete idiots...they just aren't very sophisticated in their political development.  There are studies that show people's political views may be shaped at the very earliest points in our lives based on our environment as infants and/or our relationship to our parents.  This means that we may not be any more responsible for our views than we are for our height or the color of our eyes.  And that means, right-wingers aren't necessarily "to blame" for theirs.  Granted, it would help if they opened a history book that wasn't written by Bill O'Reily occasionally, but our job is to educate and illuminate, not to shout them down every time they say or post something stupid. (yeah, I can be guilty of name-calling too, do as I say, not as I do.)
Jay Pounders
July 10, 2013

Legal Disclaimer: (Dittoheads and FoxNews viewers pay particular attention, we'll type slowly) The AntiDrudgeReport is not affiliated with, nor should it be confused with, any other website with a similar name, including the site maintained by Matt Drudge. The AntiDrudgeReport is an alternative news source that serves to counter the bias and right-wing slant of most aggregate news sites.

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